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What Should You Know About Jim Plante?

If you have never heard of Jim Plante, you likely will soon. This investor and premier technology leader has helped countless portfolio companies realize their potential and make the necessary changes to help them prosper. Through his guidance, these companies have been able to bring in millions of dollars in revenue and his work continues, allowing him to use his expertise in shaping companies in the technology sector. With his many accomplishments in business, Plante continues to reach out to help others.

When he was only thirty years old, Jim played a crucial role in the acquisition of Beltronics. This company is well-known throughout the world as being the lead provider for high-performance millimeter wave radar safety systems. When he took over as president, he helped Beltronics launch a new product line that helped them regain their position as a world provider, taking them out of the red and into the green.

After moving on from Beltronics, he has achieved the following.

  • Plante worked as co-founder and the CEO of E-Band Communications, helping them launch the first 7080 GHz band communications link that positively changed the mobile wireless infrastructure, making shares for E-Band Communications exponentially increase in value. This allowed shareholders to see an 8,000 percent increase in their share value.
  • He founded SmartDrive Systems in 2004 and worked as the company’s CEO. Through his tireless work, Plante was able to help the company create over 400 new jobs and helped shareholders to improve their share value greater than 12,000 percent.
  • Plante has also founded Pathway Genomics, which is a company that has developed some of the most state-of-the-art genetics testing procedures in the world. The research and innovation of this company are still being used in genetics research today.
  • His more recent accomplishments include setting up the Foundation For Kidney Transplant Research. This foundation seeks to help improve the survival rate of kidney transplant patients through further research and funding.

While Mr. Plante has accomplished much in his life, he continues to remain passionate about helping others and is highly focused on the healthcare industry, leading the way to make positive changes for patients and providers alike.

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