Where to Go in Medan, North Sumatra?

As the capital of North Sumatra, Medan has known with its irresistible charms. This place has so many beautiful places to visit. Due to that, it is not a wonder if many people sometimes ask, “where to go in Medan, North Sumatra?”. For you who are planning to visit Medan in your trip to Indonesia, then you may consider in visiting some places below. Hope the recommendation will be helpful for you!

  1. Istana Maimun

This place is the palace of royal family in Medan which previously belonged to the Sultanate of Deli. Nowadays, this place has been turned into a museum, so it can be visited by public. Inside, you may see the wonderful history of the royal family in Medan. You may even see the throne room that can’t be seen for common citizen years before. There are also some collections of beautiful ancient clothing and many other historic objects of interest. You may dress yourself up in period grab, there. By paying a small fee, you can take your picture when you are wearing the ancient clothes in the throne room. In addition, there are also lush ground around the palace, so you can enjoy some walk there.

  1. Kampung Keling

Kampung Keling can be your choice when you are confused inwhere to go in Medan. This is like a village which islocated on the traditional Tamil part of the city of Medan. When you set your feet on this place, you may feel that you are in India. This place is full of shops which sell Indian jewelries and many colorful saris. There are also so many Indian restaurants that serve traditionally good Indian food. You may also spot the Sri Mariamman Temple in this area. This temple is a riot of color! The ornate carvings of the temple that has been built in 1884 is truly unique as you will never see it anywhere else in Medan.

  1. Medan Post Office

Medan Post Office placed in the center of the Medan city. This place is easily recognizable, as it is one of the most unique buildings in the area. This post office has been built during the Dutch colonial period, exactly at 1911. It is designed to have traditional colonial style buildings as it is designed by a well-known Dutch architect at that time. On the top of this post office buildings, there is a large beautiful dome. It also has signature half circle windows which can be said as the common examples of Medan colonial architecture.

  1. Rahmat Gallery

This kind of gallery is known as one of the quirkiest attractions in Medan. Truly, Rahmat Gallery is a great choice for you who has been a fan of something unusual. For your information, if you have an interest in taxidermy, then this place must be on your bucket list when you are planning where to go in Medan”. This gallery has been known to be filled of many preserved animals. You can check out many different species which are notable indigenous to Indonesia.



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